The purpose of this “statement of values” (the “Statement”) is to evidence the intention of eLBA members to deliver a high standard of integrity for the products and services that allow customers to bet on the outcome of lotteries. This Statement is meant to encourage responsible gambling, player protection standards and KYC (amongst other matters). Furthermore, this statement highlights the areas eLBA members are committed to work and improve on. Accordingly, eLBA members continue to develop their own company specific detailed actions plans and strategies to address these areas. By joining eLBA each member agrees to commit to these values across their business.

This statement of values is not attached to any licensing jurisdiction or compliance requirements – it is an industry-led commitment to critical standards and reflects the industry’s desire to ensure the credibility of the market to regulators and customers. In addition to applicable laws and regulations, the eLBA members agree to abide by the following principles:

Transparency – advertisement and customer information

eLBA members are continually implementing measures and guidance to ensure that customers are properly informed of the specific nature of the products they engage with. Avoiding customer confusion is a top priority along with providing clear, factual and consistent information that explains to customers key aspects of the offer.

eLBA members commit to ensuring that content and communications are clear to consumers, both in terms of information depth and clarity. This is constantly reviewed and updated.

Responsible Gambling – KYC and player protection

eLBA members intend to pursue actions which strengthen their commitment to social responsibility, consumer protection and harm minimisation.

eLBA members have prevention measures in place aimed at preventing minors from accessing their sites and strive to work to create a set of best practices in this area. In addition, eLBA shall endeavour to raise player protection standards around key issues such as data privacy and integrity. The main focus is on protecting children, young persons and other vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited.

Financial Integrity – robust insurance

eLBA members are committed to ensuring their insurance pay-outs are from a reputable market provider. eLBA members want to make sure that all pay-outs are carried out swiftly and in a transparent manner.

Prevention of fraud

The fight against fraud is a top priority for eLBA members and creating robust AML checks is central to this.